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The first part of this article is here. :meow:

Big Cat Rescue, in Florida, is home to about 80+ lions, tigers, bobcats, cougars and other species of exotic felines... I discovered, here on deviantART (dA), a few hundreds pictures about Big Cat Rescue (BCR)... I tried my best to identify the cat on each of them, but I may have made a few mistakes... Under each picture, is the link to the cat's biography on BCR's website, and the link to the photographer/artist on dA.

I'm not a pet by NB-Photo
19. Canyon, in 2010, by NB-Photo
Canyon was a male sand cat, He arrived at BCR in October 2003, when he was three months old, with four more baby sand cats. (Extract from his biography) "Canyon loves to climb and spend time in his tree, so keepers placed a den barrel high up in its branches... He lives across the pathway from Cameron the lion, however, he does not seem intimidated by his large neighbor... Canyon also loves feeding time and this super tiny cat is a real spitfire when food is involved." You can watch him in this video. Canyon was a descendant of sand cats caught in the wild in northen Africa or middle east during the gulf war, and sent in the US for their protection and as genetic back-up.

Nico by Yanera
20. Nico, in 2012, by Yanera
Nico looked like a tiny domestic black cat, but actually was a female melanistic Geoffroy cat. Geoffroy cats are wild cats who live in South America. Their fur is often yellow or grey with many tiny black spots, and sometimes, Geoffroy cats are black (melanistic). (extracts from her biography) "she arrived taped up in a cardboard box. The fury from within the box made opening it a death defying act. As with many exotic cats, the smaller they are, the more fierce they can be... It wasn’t until we went to have her neutered that we discovered that she had fooled all three of his owners; Nico was a female." Read more about Geoffroy cats here. You can also watch Nico in this video.

'Ezy' basking in the sun by samdyn
21. Esmerelda, in 2010, by samdyn
Esmeralda was a female serval born in 1992. She arrived at Big Cat rescue when she was three years old, with her mate named Medicine Man. (extract from her biography) "Esmerelda is one photographer’s favorite subject since she poses with such enthusiasm, as if to say, “Look at me! I’m gorgeous!” When keepers or guests approach her enclosure, she prances over to say hello with a chirp and a thundering purr. Esmerelda is also very playful, she will play with anything, her boomer ball, enrichment, sticks, bugs, even a single blade of grass that is fluttering in the breeze." Watch esmerelda in this video.

Serval by Morganizer
22. Servie, in 2012, by Morganizer
It's not easy to identify the cat on this picture, but I think this is Servie, a female serval, because of the colour of her nose, black and pink in the middle. (extract from her biography) "A pet Serval was confined to a tiny, two room apartment for the past 10 years. She was housed with a domestic cat, presumably for the purpose of breeding Savannah Cats which can fetch as much as $26,000. Her life was about as boring as can be imagined since she had to be kept secreted away from the world... After researching our facility, they knew that Big Cat Rescue was the purrfect place for this Serval to go. The thought of this Serval having her own Cat-a-tat, her own den, her own trees and shrubs and grass… it was just as good as it gets if you have to be held captive." Here is a video of her rescue and her new life at BCR.

Contentment by blizzeon
23. A serval, in 2009, by blizzeon
A drawing of a serval, freely inspired by the residents of Big Cat Rescue. Servals are very cute, with their long ears, long legs and relatively small tail. :meow: More about servals on BCR's website. Here is a video of the 18 servals that lived happily at BCR in 2011. Sadly several of them passed away last year in 2016, all of them at an old age, but there are still 10 servals at BCR today.

Serval in ferns by Zertec257
24. Ginger, in 2014, by Zertec257
Ginger is a female serval born in 2009, and rescued in 2013. (extracts from her biography) "Ginger is approximately four years old and was bottle raised from a kitten. Ginger was kept in a cage about 9′ x 12′. On one side of her two cougars were housed and on the other was an empty cage about half the size of hers. That empty cage housed another serval who died a few months before the rescue... Ginger was surprisingly calm during her capture and exam, and quickly adapted to her new found comforts at Big Cat Rescue." Ginger is a very pretty girl. She lives alone in her enclosure, like most of the BCR residents, but she likes to flirt with her neighbors, like Frosty the male white footed serval! In this long video, you can watch her moved from her enclosure to a larger one, and see all her neighbors looking at her!

Serval by BigCatChris
25. Desiree, in 2010, by BigCatChris (Chris Poole)
Desiree is a female serval, who is missing one of her rear leg. Her story is unusual. While servals are native of Africa, Desiree has been found abandonned in Arizona. (extracts from her biography) "An African Serval was limping along in the Arizona desert until she collapsed alongside a road... She had almost completely given up the will to live... This Serval was placed by authorities at the Tucson Wildlife Center, a non-profit sanctuary dedicated to native wildlife... She was dehydrated and tired and just ready to give up. She may have died last night, but luckily we got her in.” No one knows who was her owner and what happened to her leg. She became a resident of BCR in 2009, and recovered well. Watch her in this video when she arrived at BCR.

Tonga by Eviecats
26. Tonga, in 2009, by Eviecats
Tonga is a male white serval born in 1997. There are maybe only two white servals known in the world, Tonga and his younger brother Pharaoh, both living at BCR. Their white fur is probably the sign of inbreeding. When they were younger they have pale spots, Now Tonga's fur is entirely white, while Pharaoh have three black and golden spots. 
Tonga is a survivor! In 2012, he had a sore on his nose that didn't heal... (extract from his biography) "We were crushed when we heard the devastating news that it was cancer. it was determined that the only way to save Tonga’s life would be to remove his cute little pink nose. the good news is that they said it should heal very well... He will still be beautiful to us." Watch his story on this video, White Serval Nose Surgery. (There are pictures of his nose before and just after the surgery that can be disturbing, between 1:40 and 2:50 in the video). He did heal vey well, and more than 4 years later he still enjoys his life at Big Cat Rescue. He looks weird without a nose, but he can still breath and smell as if his nose was still there.

Serious by ducky88
27. Zeus, in 2010, by ducky88
Zeus was a male siberian lynx, who arrived in 1997 at Big Cat Rescue, with his brother Apollo, from a fur farm. (extract from his biography) "Zeus and Apollo share a large habitat. Although, you would not normally find two adult male Lynxes living together in the wild, in captivity this is actually a form of enrichment, if they have been raised together. They play together, groom each other, stalk ducks together and even sleep curled up next to each other. They have a habit of puffing air out of their noses when agitated, especially at feeding time. This behavior has earned them the nickname of The Hufflepuffs.” Watch Zeus and Apollo, and listen to them in this video, Siberian Lynx vs pumpkin.

Lynx by Splashie
28. Raindance, in 2006, by Splashie
  It has been very difficult to recognize this cat. The only thing I knew for sure is that it's a bobcat. The easiest way to tell the difference between a bobcat (lynx rufus) and a Canada lynx (lynx canadensis) is to look at their tail: The tip of the tail of a lynx is entirely black, while the tip of the tail of a bobcat is black on top and white underneath.
  So... I analysed the colour of the nose, the markings on the forehead, around the eyes... And watched again and again several videos, especially Bobcats of Big Cat Rescue. (All the bobcats in my article are in this video). This is probably Raindance, a female bobcat who arrived in 1993, with 55 other bobcat kittens, at the place that was to become Big Cat Rescue.
  (extract from her biography) "We had ordered six Bobcat kittens by phone, but were told that we must pick them up in person... when we arrived, we saw a sign out front that said “Fur Farm”... We asked what they do with the kittens that aren’t sold to pet homes, and we were told that they would be “harvested” at one year for their fur. We asked how many more kittens were there and found out that the 50 left would be slaughtered the next year. We came home with 56 kittens that Spring and life has never been the same. They were all under four weeks of age and many had to be fed every two hours... Raindance was one of those kittens. We later rescued the adults."
  Raindance loved to play in the rain. Watch her story in this video In Loving Memory of Raindance Bobcat. For more informations, You can also read on BCR's website, these two articles:
How Big Cat Rescue started 
History and evolution of Big Cat Rescue.

Selena Greens by 1skylight1
29. Selena, in 2010, by 1skylight1
   A digital painting of Selena, a female bobcat, who arrived at BCR in 1995. The painting seems to be based on the video Bobcats of Big Cat Rescue where we can see Selena enjoying her meal, at 2:23. Like Raindance, Selena came from a fur farm, with her brother Levi, and nine other bobcats. Selena was very shy. 
   In this video, Fur farm rescue kittens from 1995, you can see Selena as a kitten, as well as other bobcat kittens (crazy bobs! :meow:) rescued at the same period (Levi, Tiger Lilly, Lakota, Divinity...) and more cats rescued since 1993, like Little Feather another female bobcat (two years old then), Fluffy the serval, Nirvana the ocelot... (Nirvana passed away only a few days ago. Note also that while I'm writing this, in March 2017, another bobcat named Lakota just arrived at BCR, with his girlfriend Sioux...)

Divinity by peridot-phoenix
30. Divinity, in 2010, by peridot-phoenix
A drawing of Divinity, another female bobcat, who was born in a fur farm, and arrived at BCR in 1995. (extract from her biography) "Divinity was sold from a fur farmer to an individual, with Takoma, when she was only a few days old. She was bottle raised for three weeks before the new owner had a heart attack and could no longer care for the kitten. The woman had seen our video and knew that Big Cat Rescue could love and care for her little ones and we have. Divinity’s color is almost silver and her disposition is pure gold. She was so tiny and frail when she arrived that there were many nights we thought would be her last, but she wouldn’t give up. She was always a nervous little cat and couldn’t sit still for more than two minutes at a time." You can see Divinity and her bobcat boyfriend Apache, showing his belly, at 19:09 in this video. They will be both 22 years old in may 2017.

Lounging Bobcat by Kippenwolf
31. Little White Dove, in 2007, by Kippenwolf
   Little White Dove is a female bobcat, who lives with Running Bear, a male bobcat. (extract from her biography) "Little White Dove is well known for her beautiful golden eyes.  She chose to bond and live with Running Bear... During the day, they spend much of their time perched high up in their tree sleeping. Seeing them up there, it is easy for guests to understand the nocturnal nature of bobcats and how easily they can camouflage themselves in trees." Watch them enjoying their enrichment in this short video, Camping Little White Dove and Running Bear.
   The two of them are born at Big Cat Rescue: (extract from their biography) "Most of our bobcats were rescued from fur farms where they were being raised to slaughter for their fur... a few, like Little White Dove, were born here in the early days when we were ignorant of the truth and were being told by the breeders and dealers that these cats should be bred for “conservation.” Once we learned that there are NO captive breeding programs that actually contribute to conservation in the wild, we began neutering and spaying our cats in the mid 1990’s."
   I think that Little White Dove's mother is Little Dove, one of the 56 bobcat kittens who, like Raindance, arrived at Big Cat Rescue in 1993 from the same fur farm. Today, in March 2017, Little Dove is one of the oldest resident of BCR.

Bobcat Closeup  by Eileithya
32. Little Feather, in 2015, by Eileithya
   This is a drawing, based on a close-up of Little Feather, A female bobcat who, like Raindance and Little Dove arrived at BCR in 1993. This tiny cute friendly bobcat had beautiful eyes! :meow: (extract from her biography) "Little Feather was five days old when she came to Big Cat Rescue. She had been bred at a game farm... When Little Feather arrived we began bottle feeding her, and she quickly became everyone’s little darling... Little Feather was very sickly as a kitten and spent days in a pouch around Carole Baskin’s neck to keep her warm and to monitor her every breath. She never grew to be very big for some unknown reason, and full grown she weighs only 16 pounds... She is now over 20 years old, but still just as cute as a kitten thanks to those huge eyes." Watch her in these videos, Little Feather Bobcat Slow Mo and K-Laser Helps Little Feather Walk Normal Again.
   (extract from her biography) "On June 24, 2016 Little Feather was brought into the West Boensch Cat Hospital as it was clear she was not dealing well with the heat... Our friends on and Facebook kept an eye on her via the Nest cams." ...On a personal note: Like many others, I did watch her everyday when she was at the hospital. On the second morning, while someone was coming for her breakfast, she began to purr. I knew that bobcats can purr, but it was so unexpected, and so sweet to hear this for the first time... Little Feather passed away on July 2016, She was 23 years old.

Lynx by NB-Photo
33. Bailey, in 2015, by NB-Photo
   It was'nt easy to identify this cat, but I think this is Bailey, a Female bobcat who arrived at BCR in 2003, when she was only 5 or 6 weeks old. Bailey has a cute pink nose! (extract from her biography) "Bailey’s mother was possibly a native Florida Bobcat who was killed in Odessa.  That or she was a pet that was abandoned. Lost and alone little Bailey wandered out in search of the mother who would never return and was discovered by a local woman about the same time as she was being discovered by a hawk... Without her mother’s guidance in such critical areas as how to feed herself, how to defend herself and how to hide from man, Bailey would not have survived a week in the wild.  Because of being handled by so many people during her stay in the shelter, she was not a candidate for release back to the wild."
   Bailey lives with Moses, a male bobcat. Watch her enjoying the long grass in her enclosure with Moses, in this video Bobcats playing in the grass:) Read their story and see also many pictures of them, as kittens and adults, in one of the latest updates on BCR's website, in the chapter Big Cat Spotlight – Moses and Bailey (you'll have to scroll down the page a little). All the daily updates are here.

Bobcat by BigCatRescue
34. Moses, in 2001, by BigCatRescue (Chris Poole)
   (Note that Chris Poole, who used to work for BCR as a media producer, created two accounts here on dA, BigCatChris and BigCatRescue, which means that a few pictures like the one above are also official pictures on BCR's website)
   This is Moses, a male bobcat, who arrives at BCR when he was a kitten in 2001. I think he's about 6 months old in this picture. (extract from his biography) "Moses was abandoned here with no note and no one to tell us what his story was. He was about four weeks old and near death when his carrier was discovered inside our gates in May. He knew how to nurse from a bottle, which is something that has to be learned over a two or three day period, so we had to assume that he was someone’s failed attempt at a pet. With proper diet and antibiotics, he was soon well enough..." Bailey the female bobcat arrived two years later, and they now live together.
   In January 2017, Moses saw the vet, Dr justin Boorstein, for a recurring issue, a stick stuck across the roof of his mouth. You can watch all the exams that day in this long video. The vet also noticed a swelling on Moses' rear paw: after the biopsy,  it appeared that it was a cancer. The cancerous mass has been successfully removed a few days later. For that, the vet had to remove also two toes; If you are not afraid by "graphic medical imagery" you can saw a video of the surgery here, Moses the two toed bobcat. at the end of the video, at 1:39, you can see him back in his enclosure, walking with no problem on two toes.


By the way, wild cats usually prefer to live alone. However, at BCR, there are several bobcats who live together as a couple. It's possible when they are siblings, or raised together, or if they are introduced when they are still young, less than three years old. See for exemple how Max and Mary Ann were introduced in this video A Bobcat Love Story - The Purrfect Match. See also the two younger permanent residents at BCR, Mrs Claws and Nabisco in Baby Bobcats A PURRfect Match. (these two little cute ones are nicknamed "the biscuits"!:meow:)

Bobcat Shirt Print by IanMaiguaPictures
35. A bobcat in rehab, in 2016, by IanMaiguaPictures (Ian Maigua)
   This is the original drawing, by Ian Maigua, used on T-shirts that are sold to fund BIg Cat Rescue's bobcats rehab program. You can buy a T-shirt with this drawing here. (many colours available, exists also for women.:meow:) You can see, at the end of this video, at 19:55, Jamie Veronica wearing one of these T-shirts. Jamie Veronica is the president of BCR, and also manages the sanctuary’s bobcat rehab program.
   Since 2003, BCR rescue, rehab and release wild bobcats, in Florida. Discover more about the rehab program here. The rescued bobcats can be young orphans who will learn at BCR to hunt live preys. They can be adults who were found injured or ill, and will be "repaired" and healed by the vets at BCR. (extract from BCR's website) "We provide huge, naturalistic enclosures where these cats can learn or perfect their hunting skills before being released back to the wild... We go to great lengths to keep these wild cats from imprinting on humans... When they are healed, or old enough for release (about 18 months of age) we find the best habitat possible for sustaining them and set them free to live out the life that nature intended."


This last year, I followed the story of several bobcats in rehab:
   Mr Claws and Mrs Claws are two young bobcats rescued near Christmas, Florida. Mr Claws arrived at BCR with a broken leg and a cracked pelvis. After surgery, he healed very well, and the day of his release, he ran at an amazing speed in the direction of the forest!
   On the other end, Mrs Claws failed rehab, and will stay permanently at BCR. (extract from her biography) "Mrs. Claws repeatedly showed signs of mental insufficiency... She would run into doors that she had watched and heard being shut... and she would occasionally stumble over logs on the ground." All her fans are relieved that she was not sent back into the wild.
   I fell in love with Thor, "who took a car to the face and lived to tell about it!" He has lost the sight of one of his eye, but his jaw is repaired, and he will have no problem to hunt. Here is the video of his release.
   Sadly the rescued bobcats can't always be saved. Poseidon, was too ill and passed away, despite important vet cares for three days. It was also too late for George who arrived at BCR with a broken back, and was euthanized. And Chief Spotted Eye had more injuries than they thought, and didn't survive his surgery.
   Fortunately, the rehab is often a success. Spirit Feather has been found alone in the middle of the road last July. Once at Big Cat Rescue, after a quarantine at the hospital because of ringworms, she stayed in the rehab enclosure for a few months, grew up, became a great hunter and was release back in the wild in January.
   Now, in March 2017, There are two female bobcats in rehab at BCR. Just like Spirit Feather, Nova has been found alone. She's still young, but has a feisty attitude. Wyeth is about 8 months, she has been hit by a car last month. Her injuries were not as serious as they feared and she will be released very soon.


The biographies of these cats are here, Meet the cats of Big Cat Rescue, or here, Memorials Archives.

Big Cat Rescue's website
About Big Cat Rescue

Big Cat Rescue on Facebook
Big Cat rescue on YouTube 
and also here on YouTube

You can watch these big cats now on
Links to all the webcams of Big Cat Rescue


I put more of these pictures about BCR, found on dA, in this collection, ...Big Cats Rescue...

If you are not familiar with deviantART:
Each picture on this site is called a "deviation", and members of deviantART are called" deviant".
If you click on a picture of this article or in a collection, you will reach the main page of the picture on dA. You may find there more informations, like camera data if it's a photo, possible copyright, artist's comment... Sometimes, if you click once or twice on the picture there, you can see it in a much bigger view, sometimes you can also download a bigger version of the picture.
Several of these pictures have been taken years ago, and sometimes their author is not active anymore on this site, but you may find links to their own website, blog, facebook account... on their profile page, by clicking on their username or icon.


My username is TinyWild here on deviantART, and also TinyWild on
You do have read entirely this long long long article??!!! Thank you very much!

Coming soon:

Big Cat Rescue - part three (with pictures of tigers...)


 I know that there are many great artists on deviantART, so... :D (extract from the recent BCR's updates)

"WANTED – Graphic Artists !

Carole is looking for a graphic artist who really gets what we are all about and would would like to help us with some graphics for shirts.  If that is you or if you know someone like that, please have them email Carole at"



Welcome! :iconcheerplz:

I'm an amateur photographer.
My favourite subjects are trees, plants and tiny wild flowers.
...and I also love to collect photographs, paintings and drawings!


Most of my pictures can be used as stock images.
...My stock images & textures


Thank you for visiting my gallery or my favourites!
Thank you for faving or simply having a look !


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